ainda na indecisão de fazer ou não o guestbook e como fazer…. vi uma idéia no blog que achei legal.

Wedding guest book ideas


Well, I have already shared my super fun guest book idea that I am so excited about – read all about it here.  But while browsing through one of my bridal magazines I found a few other options that I thought were very different and fun to share:

1)  Purchase a small wooden bench for your porch that guests can write their well wishes to you on.

2)  A useful rolodex with bright, colorful cards where guests write their message to you on one side and their contact information on the other side.

3)  My boss is building a custom home with a private wine cellar in it.  When he and his wife got married 3 years ago, they had picked out some small tiles and bought some permanent markers.  The guests were asked to write their wishes on a piece of tile which is now being used to line the floor of their wine cellar.

4)  My sister custom designed a calendar with photos of her and her hubby from childhood through their relationship together. She had it printed at a professional printers shop and then set it out at her wedding.  As the guests arrived, they were asked to sign their name on their birth day in the calendar.  This way, she had a ‘guest book’ to use all year long and also a useful way of collecting all of their family and friends’ birthdays for future reference and card sending.

What about all you ladies…what are your ideas for fun, personal and unique guestbooks?”

~ por renatalara em 08/10/2009.

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